Diversification of economy underlies President’s Address – British expert

BRUSSELS. KAZINFORM Kazakh President's recent Address to the Nation "The Growth of Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Income and Quality of Life" is of paramount importance for the integration of the country into the global economy, according to Rupert Goodman, Chairman of the British-Kazakh Society, founder of First Magazine.

“In his Address President Nazarbayev gives special attention to the diversification of economy, to the importance of reducing dependence on oil and gas industry. The announced establishment of the Direct Investments Fund will help achieve this goal,” Goodman said.

“The Address is focused on such areas of the economy of future, as alternative energy, new materials, biomedicine, big data, Internet of things and blockchain are of decisive importance and will help Kazakhstan integrate into the global economy,” he added.

The speaker reminded about Kazakhstan’s plan to access the world’s 30 most developed countries.

“Kazakhstan has a huge heritage in promotion of science and education. This will lay a foundation for knowledge-based economy. Kazakhstan could gain great competitive advantages in this sphere,” Goodman stressed.

“The Kazakh leader focuses on investing in human potential and education. The future of Kazakhstan depends on further development of human capital,” he added.

As for foreign policy issues, Goodman expressed confidence that a country’s foreign policy course is closely connected with its successful modernization.

“Kazakhstan plays a key role in the Central Asian region. Its foreign policy plays a decisive role in modernization both of Kazakhstan and the whole region.  Thanks to its well-balanced and wise policy, Kazakhstan enjoys good relations with East and West,” he added.

“Over the past years, the President participated in numerous high-level meetings. We welcome his focus on building good-neighbor relations in the region as well as on cooperation with the European Union. The latter is quite important, since the EU is the largest investor in Kazakhstan,” said the speaker.


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