Each country to have its own social economic development model

ASTANA. April 5. KAZINFORM. Member of the Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organization Akhmad Qurei commented Kazakh President's N. Nazarbayev Address to people of Kazakhstan "Social Economic Modernization is the Main Vector of Kazakhstan Development."

A. Qurei noted the each country must work up its own model of economic and social development which corresponds to country's people and society. There is no one way that would approach to all countries.

"We live in the age which witnesses slow down and retreat of major western economic powers and the emergence of new developing countries. I believe Kazakhstan with its state and private social economic development is on the right way, thanks to the policy that led to the progress since independence in 1991. Plans identified in Kazakh President's state-of -the -nation address reflect determination not only to enhance social economic conditions of citizens but also to raise the country to much higher position in the world. I hope Kazakhstan will be successful social economic development for the benefit of a great nation," a member of the Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organization said.

Ahmad Qurei, also expressed his appreciation for the moral and material support provided by the leadership and people of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the people of Palestine.


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