East Kazakhstan region presented 11 investment projects

ASTANA. December 21. KAZINFORM /Lyudmila Malko/ Governor of East Kazakhstan region Berdybek Saparbayev took part in the exhibition of innovation projects realized within the State Forced Industrial-Innovation Development Program. 11 projects of 80 ones exhibited are from East Kazakhstan region.

In particular, the biggest project of 'Kazzinc' - 'New Metallurgy'. It is the construction of copper smelting and electrolysis plants at Ust-Kamenogorsk metallurgical complex. The capacity will be 70 thousand tons of copper a year. Investments in the projects are KZT 108.257 mln. The launch of the projects was held today with the President's participation.

One more project is the plant on production of titanium ingots and alloys. KZT 12.300 mln was invested in the project. The plant was already put into operation in September of this year. The third project of the region is 'Technical Re-equipment. Investments used are KZT 5.972 mln.

One more project that is showed in the exhibition is 'Production of radiation-cross linked polyethylene and heat-shrinking tapes'. KZT 1.998 mln is investments of the project.

The innovative-industrial project on 'Production of heat pump units' is represented as well. The amount of the investments is KZT 705 mln. The Ust-Kamenogorsk Valve Plant represents its unique project. The amount of investments is more than KZT 3.000 mln.

The Ust-Kamenogorsk polyethylene pipe plant represents its new project with KZT 220 mln investments involved. The LLP 'SemAZ' represents its project with KZT 303 mln of investments.

Three more industrial projects of East Kazakhstan region are listed in food industry category. These are 'Construction of pasta factory' with the capacity of 24 tons of products per 24 hours. The amount of investments is KZT 171 mln. The rest is construction of two modern vegetables stores in the largest cities of the region.

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