EC report urges transfers overhaul

LONDON. February 8. KAZINFORM A study commissioned by the European Commission has recommended reform of the transfer system to correct what it describes as abuses. The recommendations include limiting "inflated" transfer fees and a fair play levy on fees rising above a certain amount to ensure football remains competitive and to stop the rocketing cost of buying players, reported.

Its findings claim that valuations of "superstar" players are leading European football towards a "de facto system of closed leagues at elite level" and "an increasing competitive imbalance in both national and European competitions", with less than 2% of the money from transfer fees filtering down to smaller clubs or the amateur game. There are also concerns over criminality in the transfer market.

Proposals include:

  • Capping transfer fees after contract extension "at 70% of the gross salary owed to the player for the entire period of his contract" to ensure a fairer price.
  • The regulation of buy-out clauses "to prevent abusive practices".
  • The establishment of a "fair play levy" on transfer fees beyond a certain amount to fund redistribution from rich to less wealthy clubs to restore some competitive balance.
  • Better publicising of the movement of players to ensure that solidarity compensations are paid to clubs and that the latter are aware of their rights.
  • The establishment of a limit on the number of players per club.
  • The regulation of the loan transfer system.
  • Addressing of third-party ownership.
  • Support for the implementation of financial fair play.

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