Education Minister explained changes in 2017 Unified National Testing

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Erlan Sagadiyev has clarified the main changes in the Unified National Testing of year 2017.

“There is no final UNT project yet. It will be widely discussed by the teaching community. The document is now ready for discussing. We offer the school students to take final examinations  at schools. As for the UNT, changes will be made in the structure of questions,” the Minister explained.

According to him, the UNT will consist of more than 100 questions, 60 of which will be standard ones (relating to math, reading speed, understanding etc.)  The other 60 questions will be divided into two blocks of 30 questions which will be linked to future major of the school leaver. For instance, if a school graduate applies to a medical university,  30 questions will be from biology and the other 30 questions will relate to chemistry.

“The project is being now discussed by a narrow group of teaching staff.  Later we will publish it on the website of the Ministry for comments and remarks,” Sagadiyev concluded.

Earlier, the Ministry informed it would publish all the UNT questions on its website.

As usual, the UNT will be organized at the UNT centers.

The applicants will be allowed to retake the UNT in case if they fail it. 

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