Eight injured, one child dies as driver knocks down pedestrians at bus stop in Shymkent

SHYMKENT. KAZINFORM Eight people were injured as a car smashed into a bus stop in Shymkent. One child died at the scene.

According to Bolat Nuskabayev, Deputy Chief Doctor of the South Kazakhstan Regional Children's Hospital, five children were taken to this facility after the accident. Three of them were released after examination. Two others stayed at the hospital. "An 8-year-old boy was taken to an intensive care unit with a brain contusion. A girl aged 6 was diagnosed with a brain concussion. The condition of these children is estimated as moderately severe," Nuskabayev said.
One more child was taken to the Municipal Children's Hospital in a critical condition. Two adults were sent into the Emergency Care Hospital. One of them was immediately released, and the second one was admitted to the intensive care unit.
A child died at the scene of the accident.
The driver of the car was detained. Pre-trial investigation has been launched.

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