Ekibastuz schoolers invent agricultural robot

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Tenth-graders of Ekibastuz invented an eco-agro robot. It is capable of feeding animals, cleaning animal burial sites, harvesting crops, watering plantations, forcing weeds, to name but a few, Kazinform cites pavlodarnews.kz.

According to the press service of the Education Department of Pavlodar region, Temirlan Baigozhin and Kazhymurat Khammet, tenth-graders of Zerde School for Gifted Children, which is located in Ekibastuz, presented a model of the invention, which was made of Lego bricks. The guys worked under the guidance of Mansur Kaliyev, a physics teacher.

The children explored the role of the eco-agro robot in agriculture, defended their works at "The First Step towards Great Invention" regional competition of research projects and received a certificate. After that, they successfully presented their work to Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan Timur Suleimenov, who visited Ekibastuz. The Minister showed interest in the novelty of the work, made a proposal to allocate a grant for this project in the future.

"Using the robot, farmers can save a lot of time and effort," the designers of the project believe. "People will no longer need to transport heavy containers of food and water. Such works can be done by robots, thereby, letting people do other things. Our universal eco-agro robot is a solution to outstanding problems in agriculture because it is multifunctional, that is, agriculturists can save their time, energy, expenses, without spending a lot of equipment and fuel for that. From an environmental point of view, it does not cause any harm to the environment."

The eco-agro robot is capable of plowing, sowing, removing barrier substances, transporting grain by the crane. In addition, the eco-agro robot can simultaneously perform several operations, such as collecting grain, oilseeds, corn for silage, melons, fruits, and root crops.

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