Ensuring law and order and security of citizens - prior goal of Kyrgyz Government

BISHKEK. December 22. KAZINFORM /Arnur Rakhymbekov/ Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev has chaired a working conference with the heads of the country's security structures in Bishkek today.

Welcoming the participants the Prime Minister said that in accordance with the Constitution, the Government had set to implementation of the measures on ensuring law and order, guaranteeing human rights and freedoms, public order protection and fight with crimes. The Government ensures also implementation of the measures on protection of state sovereignty, territorial integrity, constitutional order as well as the measures on strengthening defense, national security and rule of law.

"Henceforth the functions and opportunities of the Government are expanded and deepened which means that the Government's responsibility before the nation increases", A. Atambayev noted.

Fulfillment of these tasks will require certain time, but everyone should start working in this direction immediately. In this view the Head of the Kyrgyz Cabinet introduced Vice Prime Minister Shamil Atakhanov who was imposed responsibility for implementation of the above-mentioned constitutional provisions.

"We must develop, as soon as possible, a program of reforms which will reflect the Governmental measures on law and order ensuring. Our prior goal is to ensure law and order and security of the citizens", A. Atambayev stressed.

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