European Council President Charles Michel announces early quit

European Council
Photo: Xinhua

European Council President Charles Michel has informed Belgian media of his decision to run for the election of the Member of European Parliament (MEP) in June, leading to his early departure from the Council presidency in July, Xinhua reports. 

Reflecting on his four-year term as a European leader, Michel said, "It's my responsibility to give an account of my work these past years and to propose a project for Europe's future."

While Michel's current mandate concludes in November, the European Parliament elections are slated for June. He is expected to lead the list of the liberal Reformist Movement party, of which he is a former leader, in the European Parliament elections.

"That means I would continue my work as European Council president until being sworn in as an MEP on July 16," he stated.

Michel has served as the president of the European Council, the group of government leaders of the 27 European Union (EU) member states, since late 2019. Prior to his EU responsibilities, he served as the Prime Minister of Belgium.

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