Every 4 hours a woman is a victim of violence in Brazil

Photo: Agencia Brasil
BRASILIA. KAZINFORM - In Brazil, a chilling reality unfolds every 4 hours as a woman falls victim to violence. The year 2022 witnessed over 2,400 registered cases, a staggering number that includes nearly 500 femicides. This means that every single day, at least one woman tragically loses her life simply because she is a woman. These statistics have been compiled by the Network of Security Observatories, Agencia Brasil reports.

Ways to save lives and welcome these women were discussed this week at the 1st National Meeting of the Brazilian Women's Houses in Brasília, the country’s capital.

The houses provide humanized and integrated care to women victims of violence. They offer, for example, shelter, psychological and social support, police assistance, and access to legal resources such as the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Public Defender's Office.

During the event, participants shared their experiences working within the Women's Houses, while also updating guidelines and protocols for delivering care. «In order to avoid isolated and fragmented support structures, we need to establish a comprehensive policy that safeguards women's lives and ensures their well-being,» emphasized Minister of Women, Cida Gonçalves.

Minister of Indigenous Peoples, Sônia Guajajara, further emphasized the importance of inclusive and culturally sensitive approaches, stating, «We must recognize the diversity of women, including indigenous, black, peripheral, quilombola, and riverine women, who endure violence in various regions. Adaptation to this diversity is crucial.»

Taking a step towards addressing this crisis, the Brazilian government announced in March its plan to construct 40 new Women's Houses. For instance, the state of Bahia is set to establish four such facilities, with a noteworthy investment of BRL 47 million. These new Women's Houses are anticipated to be inaugurated in October, complementing the existing seven operational units spread across different states.

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