Exhibition «Kazakhstan way» presenting exhibits from Museum of First President of Kazakhstan to be held in St. Petersburg

MOSCOW. KAZINFORM - The exhibition titled "Kazakhstan way" presenting the exhibits from the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan will be held in the State Museum St Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg on June 26-27.

The exhibition will be held within the international partnership project of the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan called "Dialogue through culture". The exhibition will familiarize the guests with different aspects of the personality of N. Nazarbayev who shaped the unique Kazakhstan way in early years of country's establishment.

The key reforms and events that outlined the future of Kazakhstan are reflected in the materials of the exhibition. They include closure of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, introduction of the national currency tenge, adoption of the Constitution, moving of the capital city and many other important milestones. The exposition includes five parts: "Creating future", "From independence to globalization", "Dream coming true", "Territory of peace and accord", "Edges of personality".

A special place in the exhibition is given for the theme of interethnic peace and accord preserved in Kazakhstani society.

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