Export of goods in Kazakhstan increased: G.Marchenko

ALMATY. January 11. KAZINFORM /Yekaterina Ionova/ Upon the results of the past 9 months of 2010 the current account surplus made USD 4.2 bln (in nine months of 2009 the current account deficit was USD 4.6 bln). The results of the third quarter of 2010 showed the current account deficit of USD 0.6 bln. Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Grigory Marchenko has made it public at a press conference in Almaty today.

As the head of the bank said, official export of goods gained USD 43.9 bln, including oil and gas condensate export totaling to USD 27.8 bln (over 63.0%). The increase in export of these goods is conditioned by contract prices increase. The ferrous metals' export value increased by 43.0%, non-ferrous metals - by 47.0%. Export growth of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals by 31.0% and 48.0% respectively was mainly conditioned by contract prices increase.

In nine months of 2010 the import of goods increased by 5.2% and made USD 22 bln, while official import made USD 21 bln out of it (compared to USD 20.5 bln in nine months of 2009).

The import of intermediate industrial goods increased by 22.0%, consumer goods - by 10.0%. In the consumer import structure the total food and non-food consumer goods' import increased by 20.0% and 4.0% respectively.

As the result, the balance of trade for January - September 2010 formed a surplus totaling USD 22.5 bln, increasing 2.5 times against January - September 2009.

In January - September 2010 the services deficit made USD 4.7 bln.

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