Extratropical cyclone brings damage to South Brazil

Photo: pixabay
BRASILIA. KAZINFORM – Due to the arrival of an extratropical cyclone in the Brazilian South, highways were blocked on Wednesday (Jul. 12) following downpours across the midwest of Santa Catarina state. Flooding, slope collapses, and hill slides have been reported, Agencia Brasil reports.

Teams from the State Secretariat for Infrastructure are working to clear the roads as quickly as possible and the Military Highway Police are monitoring the situation. Locals are advised to avoid driving on the highways and to pay extra attention to the road.

In the neighboring state of Rio Grande do Sul, the city of São Leopoldo has taken measures to deal with the passing cyclone. On Wednesday, the city announced that classes in municipal schools are suspended until Thursday (13). Private schools should follow suit.

The team from the Situation Room and agents from the State Civil Defense Operations Center continue to follow the progress of the cyclone, which has brought heavy rains, hail, and windstorms. In addition, the Civil Defense is still issuing alerts when risk areas are identified.

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