Financial Police stepping-up makes tax revenue from SME grow

ASTANA. July 30. KAZINFORM Financial Police Agency is continuing the sitting of its Board, the press service of the law enforcement agency informs.

Speaking at the Board, the Chairman of the Agency Rashid Tusupbekov highlighted the results of combattinmg anti-false entrepreneurship, bankruptcy and illegal VAT refunds.

According to him, 5 times increased detection of crimes concerning illegal business and making fictitious transactions, and almost 3 times more are detentions carried out when doing alleged commercial operations.

"As a result of the activation the amount of money cashed in banks has decreased from KZT 605 to 511 billion, or 16%. Whereas before cashing the funds had a continuing steady growth, " the statement reads.

Mr.Tusupbekov noted that the revitalization of the financial police in this area has reflected, inter alia, on the growth of tax revenues to the budget by small and medium-sized businesses by 27% (from KZT 850 billion to 1.1 trillion).

"There is nearly a 3-fold increase in detection of crimes on the facts of a false and deliberate bankruptcy, which influenced the decline in the amount of debt to the budget of the liquidated companies by 45%, or from KZT 32 to 17 billion," says the press service of the department.

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