First aspirant for Ukrainian presidency applies for registration

KIEV. October 21. KAZINFORM Lawyer Oleg Ryabokon applied to the Ukrainian Central Elections Commission on Tuesday for registration as a presidential candidate, the Central Elections Commission said, Kazinform refers to Itar-Tass.

Ryabokon supplied the appropriate set of documents, including the confirmation of an election deposit of 2.5 million hryvni (about $300,000). By law, the Central Elections Commission will consider the application and make a decision within five days.

Ukraine will elect the president on January 17, 2010.

Ukrainian Communist Party leader Pyotr Simonenko was unanimously nominated for president at the Tuesday congress of the Left Bloc.

The Party of Regions will hold its congress on October 23. Meanwhile, all regional organizations of the party have supported the nomination of party leader and ex-premier Viktor Yanukovich for president. Thirty percent of Ukrainians are ready to vote for Yanukovich now.

The nomination of Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko for president is planned for October 24. Timoshenko is supported by approximately 20% of voters.

The pro-presidential Our Ukraine scheduled its congress for November 3-8. The party will nominate President Viktor Yushchenko for re-election. His current rating is about 3%.

Nominations can be made until November 6, Kazinform cites Itar-Tass. See for full version.

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