First Indian film shot in Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM India's woman director B. Jaya is shooting a new film called Vysakham. She recently returned to her home country from Kazakhstan, where they shot two songs.

With Avantika, a model from Mumbai, and Hari starring in the film, the budget of Vysakham was initially estimated at   Rs 3 crore, and later this sum exceeded Rs 8 crore [crore is a unit in the Indian numbering system equal to ten million]

According to B.Jaya, she wanted “to make her film more beautiful”, for this reason she chose Kazakhstan. “I started this film as a small one, but once shooting started, it became big. In my earlier films, especially Lovely, the songs had been appreciated by everyone. I wanted the songs in this film to be even more beautiful, so I chose Kazakhstan,” she says and adds that she could have gone to Spain, Switzerland, Bangkok or some other places, but she “wanted to show something new.”

B.Jaya notes they faced some obstacles while communicating local people, because their team did not understand Russian. One more problem was cold weather in some places and prohibition to use drones at border areas.

The director feels thankful to the Embassy of India and local government for their support and adds that 60% of the people has been completed.

Source: Deccan Chronicle 

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