Flying exhibits: Exotic butterflies exhibition opened in Almaty (PHOTO)

ALMATY. KAZINFORM - Almaty State Museum named after A.Kasteyev is holding an exhibition of live tropical butterflies.

There has been erected a special tent with + 25 + 30°C air temperature and 80% air humidity inside. Butterflies were brought in chrysalises from the Philippines and Indonesia. By the beginning of the exhibition about 40 chrysalises have already opened. Another 200 cocoons are ready to release butterflies into the world. There are 9 species exhibited in the museum. Visitors may catch them, put them on their hands and make nice photos. Some butterflies eat fruit. Some of these butterflies pierce the fruit's skin and drain the juices from inside. Others drink the juices from the surface of rotting fruit. Butterflies that prefer to drink from fresh fruit sometimes have a pointed proboscis, making it easier to puncture the fruit's skin. The average life-span of these butterflies is 2-3 days. Then they are dried and placed in a frame. It is interesting to know that Caligo (or Owl butterfly) have the longest life-span among butterflies in the world. They live up to two months. Caligo's flap reaches 14 cm. "Butterflies are very fragile creatures. When transporting, a lot of them get stressed. Therefore, a few come to a destination point with some defects. You can see here that one of the butterflies has curved wings," said the manager of the exhibition Leonid Logatchev. The exhibition runs until 28 January.

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