FM: View on inability of Islamic world to establish democracy is wrong

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Those who put an equal mark between Islam and inability to establish democracy uphold a wrong view, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Erlan Idrissov says.

"It is no secret that Muslim ummah significantly lags behind the western world in its scientific-technical, innovative and information development which is a pledge of stability, growth and well-being of a country and population," Idrissov said addressing the participants of the Asian Inter-Parliamentary Forum for Science, Technologies and Innovations in Astana.

As the Minister reminded, back in the day, Muslim world was an advanced civilization which gave a series of great scientists and educators to the world, such as al-Farabi, Abu ali Ibn Sina, Al-Khorezmi etc.

"In our opinion, those who put an equal mark between Islam and inability to democracy, economic success and intellectual development uphold a wrong view. We strongly disagree on this view. Kazakhstan exerts every effort to contribute to the process of modernization and reforms. We proceed from that they [reforms - editor] become the main principles and priorities of development of the Islamic world in the 21st century," adds the Minister.

"To date, the Islamic world stands in the epicenter of modern challenges and threats," Idrissov continued. "There are many reasons for it and the majority of them lie in ummah itself. These are primarily ineffective governance, poor political systems, low indices of human development, lack of investments, undeveloped social protection system, low access to education and healthcare services and many others," the Minister pointed out.

All of these, according to Idrissov, became some kind of fertile soil nourishing new destructive forces in the region. "They promote enhancement of dangerous global migration processes observed everywhere today. Muslim countries themselves become their victims," he emphasized.

One of the most acute problems of modernity is inequality in ensuring food security. Muslims comprise a significant share of the Earth's population and, as Idrissov stated, they suffer from malnourishment, natural and man-made disasters and irrational agrarian production.

In this view, Idrissov called to support the recently established Islamic Food Security Organization headquartered in Astana.

"31 countries have already signed the charter of this organization. 5 countries have ratified it. We need 5 more countries to make the IFSO work at full capacity. For this reason, I call the member countries of this Organization, parliamentarians to urge the governments and parliaments of your countries to sign and ratify the charter of the Organization," said he.

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