Foreign citizens from 102 countries work in Mongolia

Photo credit: Montsame

In the first quarter of 2024, 8.1 thousand foreign nationals from 102 countries were employed in Mongolia under labor contracts to earn pay or voluntarily work without earning income, MONTSAME reports.

The number of foreign workers increased by 2.4 thousand (40.9%) compared to the same period in the previous year and by 1.6 thousand (24.8%) compared to the previous quarter. Regarding the gender distribution of all foreign workers with labor contracts in Mongolia, 7.0 thousand (85.9%) were male, and 1.1 thousand (14.1%) were female.

In terms of country of origin for all foreign workers in Mongolia, 56.1% were from China, 5.9% from Vietnam, 5.6% from India, 4.4% from Russia, 4.0% from the Philippines, 3.3% from the United States of America, 3.2% from the Republic of Korea, 2.8% from Turkey, and remaining 14.7% were from other countries.

By region, 3.4 thousand (41.5%) foreign workers out of the total were in Ulaanbaatar, 3.3 thousand (40.7%) were in the Central region, 1.1 thousand (13.3%) in the Eastern region, 229 (2.8%) in the Khangai region and 140 (1.4%) in the Western region.

In terms of the occupation of foreign workers, 3.5 thousand (43.3%) were professionals, 1.7 thousand (21.2%) were technicians and associate professionals, 1.2 thousand (15.4%) were craft and related trades workers, 767 (9.5%) were managers, 551 (6.8%) were plant and machine operators, and assemblers, 150 (1.9%) were elementary occupations, 88 (1.1%) were services and sales workers, 63 (0.8%) were clerical support workers and 2 (0.02%) were skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers.

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