Foreign media on Kazakhstan: Tokayev’s ‘art of neutrality,’ Putin’s visit, flights to Turkistan

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From President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s “art of neutrality,” Vladimir Putin’s visit to Kazakhstan to the launch of flights between Turkistan and Abu-Dhabi, Kazinform presents a review of foreign media coverage about Kazakhstan this week.  

Foreign Policy: Kazakhstan’s Leader Makes Neutrality an Art

American magazine Foreign Policy published an article on November 7, discussing President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s “art of neutrality” navigating the complexities of Kazakhstan’s strategic location sandwiched between major powers.

“As leader of the biggest and richest of the independent states in Russia’s Central Asian orbit, Tokayev has elevated pragmatic neutrality to an art form, so far keeping everyone happy—as long as they don’t look too closely at the fine print,” writes the author.

Lynne O’Donnell, a columnist at Foreign Policy, writes that President Tokayev, “stuck in the middle,” “seems to be making all the right moves, as Kazakhstan’s economy is booming and he’s being courted by all the big players.

Reuters: Kazakh president: Forming multi-polar world painful, but reason will prevail

Reuters agency published an article on November 8 citing an interview that President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev gave to Russia’s Izvestia newspaper.

“The formation of a base for a multi-polar world order is proceeding with extreme difficulty amid conflict in different parts of the world, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said in an interview published on Wednesday,” reads the article.

The agency quotes Tokayev, who said that “he believed world tensions would subside and be replaced international cooperation focusing on a reformed United Nations.”

Anadolu Agency: Kremlin says Putin’s visit to Kazakhstan ‘independent’ of Europe’s contacts with Astana

Turkish Anadolu Agency published an article on November 7 discussing Vladimir Putin’s visit to Kazakhstan on November 9.

It cites Kremlin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, who stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Kazakhstan is not “associated with any other contacts [made by Kazakhstan].”

“We will further develop our good neighborliness and cooperation with Kazakhstan,” said Peskov, as quoted by Anadolu Agency.

Emerging Europe: Mobilising effective private finance key for diversification in Kazakhstan

Emerging Europe, a European editorial platform, published an article on November 7 which delves into the reform of Kazakhstan’s state-owned holding company Baiterek.

The article cites latest World Bank report which states that “to reach its full potential, Baiterek, Kazakhstan’s state-owned holding company, needs to realign its governance, organisational structure, and operations with a stronger emphasis on medium-term development impact and financial market creation.”

“Furthermore, Baiterek’s strategy can greatly benefit from integrating climate finance and green impacts, potentially positioning the institution as a global leader in the field of green finance development and a role model for institutions in other countries,” reads the article.

Euractiv: Kazakhstan becomes an attractive ‘nuclear’ player

Brussels-based Euractiv news agency published an article on November 3 about Kazakhstan’s upcoming referendum which will decide the fate of a nuclear power plant in the country and Kazakhstan, emerging as an “attractive nuclear player” in nuclear energy field.

“With Kazakhstan set to hold a referendum on whether to build its first nuclear power plant, the uranium-rich country is emerging as an attractive player in the field of nuclear energy and strategic minerals at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, attracting increasing international attention,” reads the article.

The agency quotes Kazakhstan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Roman Vassilenko, who said that Kazakhstan has the technology, the resources and the will to develop nuclear power generation, but “provided that the people of Kazakhstan vote in favour of such a move in the national referendum.”

Anadolu Agency: News agencies of 5 Turkic states form news alliance 'ATNA'

Anadolu Agency published an article on November 6 about the newly created news alliances between five Turkic states - Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Türkiye and Uzbekistan.

“News agencies from five Turkic states on Monday announced the formation of a news alliance to increase cooperation in news gathering and disseminating accurate information to the public. The decision to form the Alliance of Turkic News Agencies (ATNA) was made during a meeting in Istanbul of top officials from news agencies in Türkiye, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan,” reads the article.

Zawya: Wizz Air Abu Dhabi launch a new and exciting destination in Kazakhstan

Zawya published an article on November 8 about the launch of flights by Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, from Abu Dhabi to Turkistan.

“The new route reaffirms the airline’s commitment to unlocking an eclectic mix of travel opportunities for both residents and visitors of the UAE and Kazakhstan,” reads the article.

Flights to Turkistan will kick off on February 1, 2024 and will operate three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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