France threatened by drought as heat waves sweep through Europe

Photo: Anadolu Agency
ANKARA. KAZINFORM - France is faced with the risk of drought as heat waves sweep over Europe, Anadolu reports.

As high temperatures and wildfires threaten the continent, France's weather authority Meteo France regularly warns citizens of the dangers of heat waves, particularly in its southern regions.

Lavender fields in the southern town of Lunel have all dried up.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said Monday that new record-high temperatures could be recorded as intense heat waves grip the southern US, Mediterranean, North Africa, Middle East, and some countries in Asia.

French Ecological Transition Minister Christophe Bechu said in February that the country was in a «state of alert» over the risk of summer droughts.

The Bureau of Geological and Mining Research (BRGM) explained in May that France's groundwater level was alarmingly low, as President Emmanuel Macron announced a water conservation plan in March.

The country had a difficult summer last year due to heat waves, when more than 2,800 preventable deaths were recorded, the country's government health agency said in November.

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