General election underway in the UK

General election underway in the UK
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Today is election day in the UK. British citizens are heading to polling stations to choose the ruling party. According to surveys, the long-standing Conservative party is set to lose, with Labour expected to gain the majority of seats in Parliament, reports Kazinform.

Voters in 650 constituencies across the UK will elect members of parliament today. A party needs to secure at least 326 seats, over 50% of the total, for its leader to take the helm and form a new government.

The UK is a constitutional monarchy, with King Charles III as the ceremonial head of state. His role is largely symbolic, involving participation in ceremonial events and granting royal assent to bills. The ruling party is elected for a five-year term, and the new prime minister forms the government. Recent polls suggest that the Conservatives, who have been in power for 14 years, are likely to lose their position.

“The cost-of-living crisis has deeply affected people. Mortgage rates have risen, and the prices of food, electricity, and gas have soared. Although the ruling party claims that the situation has improved, with inflation dropping from 11% to 2%, the high cost of living remains a significant issue,” says analysts.

The Conservative party, led by Rishi Sunak, is being challenged by the opposition Labour party, headed by Keir Starmer. These two parties have dominated the political landscape for the past two centuries. Other parties, including the Reform party, Liberal democrats, and various other political groups, are also in contention.

“Everyone has been eagerly awaiting this day. I want to see changes in the country. I hope the election will bring about improvements,” says one London resident.

“I don't trust any politicians. They all lie. In my opinion, there is little difference between the two main parties. Both are skilled at making empty promises,” says another passerby.

According to surveys, key issues concerning British citizens include the economy, healthcare, immigration, the housing crisis, and environmental matters. Exit poll results will be announced around 10 pm, revealing who will take seats in Westminster Palace. The official election results are expected tomorrow morning.

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