German Ambassador Schlageter: Year of Kazakhstan in Germany was a success

AGANDA. October 13. KAZINFORM /Valentina Yelizarova/ This week the arrangements for the Year of Germany in Kazakhstan will be started. German Ambassador Rainer Eugen Schlageter, who took part in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Wiedergeburt German Cultural Centre in Karaganda, said this in an interview.

 According to the diplomat' estimate, the Year of Kazakhstan in Germany proved to be very successful. "It impressed everybody in Germany. As is known, the next year was announced the Year of Germany in Kazakhstan. We think of how to represent our country in all varieties. And we want to reach all the regions of Kazakhstan", the Ambassador noted in his congratulatory speech.

Mr. Ambassador, as you have mentioned the Year of Kazakhstan in Germany was successful, could please tell what the main success was?

It is difficult to measure success in specific units. First of all, I mean that people in Germany got to know more about Kazakhstan and now they want to expand their knowledge of your country. This readiness to know more about the country is the success.

Can it be measured in the economic aspect?

I believe it is not possible. But we see how many delegations come to Kazakhstan, and we can say that interest of the business circles to your country has grown. Let's say, curiosity appeared: what Kazakhstan is. It does not mean that big investments will be immediately put up in Kazakhstan's economy. But it is such interest, curiosity, which can overgrow into business cooperation.

Is a response program on holding the Year of Germany in Kazakhstan under preparation?

The next week Almaty will hold a session, on which the issues of preparation for the Year of Germany in Kazakhstan will be discussed. We will start elaboration of a detailed program. This program will cover economic aspects, culture and education sphere.

The concert you have spectated now enchanted you. Have you ever been on such spectacles, where the friendship of nations of multinational Kazakhstan was represented?

I'm really thankful and grateful for the opportunity to attend here. I was on such events in Astana. But I saw it in such scale and expressively here, in Karaganda.

 It is not long you have stayed in our country. Have you get acquainted with the traditions of the Kazakh people?

 As the Ambassador I am being here for two years. I have traveled all over Kazakhstan. And I use any opportunity for acquaintance with the country's culture.

 Is there something that you would like to borrow in Kazakhstan and bring it in your culture?

  It is kindness of heart, welcome and hospitality of the people.

 A session of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan will be held in Astana on October 26. Do you plan to take part in it?

 I received the invitation. If I am in Astana this day, I will go. I have no experience of participation in such events. But I am interested in the community's issues.

 Thank you for the interview.


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