Gold deposit found in Zhambyl region

TARAZ. February 15. KAZINFORM A new gold mine was found in Zhambyl region. The mine's gold reserves are not yet known. Nevertheless, the domestic company "Golden Compass Jambyl", which discovered the deposit while carrying out the geological exploration in April-August 2012, will invest three million tenge in the project.

Another gold deposit on the territory of Zhambyl region was discovered in 1969. Presently, the project "Akbakaysky Cluster" worth more than USD 100 million in the harsh conditions of the desert Moyinkum is carried out by the domestic company JSC "Altynalmas". The project is financed by the Eurasian Bank.

Preliminary assessment of the raw materials of the Akbakaysky Cluster is up to 100 tons of gold. Akbakaysky mining and smelting enterprise, launched in 2011, can melt up to 2.8 tons of gold a year. The enterprise was included in the republican map of industrialization and is one of the investment projects implemented in Zhambyl region under the state program of forced industrial innovative development of Kazakhstan.

According to estimates of experts, the total reserves of Zhambyl gold are estimated at 300-350 tons.

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