Golden Horde age mausoulem discovered near Astana

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ASTANA. KAZINFOM Archaeologists of Astana are studying the traces of ancient civilization hidden under the earth. They are excavating a mausoleum belonging to the Golden Horde age. The burial dated to the 15th century AD was found on the territory of Korgalzhyn district of Akmola region, not far from Astana, Kazinform learned from Khabar 24.

The archaeologists have already excavated several mausoleums in the area of medieval town in Akmola region. This is the third historical monument discovered in Korgalzhyn district.

The unique find is an octagonal structure. The length of each side slightly exceeds 1.5 meters, and the diameter is about 4.5 meters. The mausoleum was built of a burnt and half-baked brick, fastened with lime mortar. Once this area was the site of pilgrimage. There was a tomb opposite the mausoleum.

Code-named as «Uyaly Necropolis», the burial site consists of 5 objects. Due to the sowing works, the condition of the mausoleum's structures is estimated as poor. Besides, according to scientists, some burial structures were exposed to robberies, so there are no human remains in them.

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