Golden Horde TV series shooting to start this autumn

Joshy khan
Photo credit: Ulytau akimat

The Fund of Presidential Initiatives Dara in cooperation with Karga Seven Pictures proceeded to create a new hybrid documentary TV series in English in six episodes dedicated to the life of Joshy Khan, the eldest son of Genghis Khan, Kazinform News Agency learnt from the Fund’s press service.

It will feature the stages in the development of the Golden Horde through the prism of the history of the life of Joshy Khan.

The TV series producer is Karga Seven Pictures creative director Emre Shakhin. The documentary production will begin this autumn in Kazakhstan and Turkiye.

Karga Seven Pictures made large-scale historic documentary TV series as the Rise of Empires: Ottoman and Watch Testament: The Story of Moses streamed on the Netflix Official Site that ranked among the top 10 TV series in more than 90 countries.

2024 marks the 800th anniversary since the establishment of the Joshy Ulus. The historic documentary project dated to the 800th anniversary features centuries-long roots of the country’s statehood.

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