GOVERNMENT: Implementation of Nurly Zhol Program began in Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - The Government of Kazakhstan began to disburse the funds allocated for implementation of the Nurly Zhol Program. The legalization of money and property goes according to the schedule. The European markets will open for the products of Kazakhstani farmers soon.

As Deputy Minister of Finance of Kazakhstan Ruslan Dalenov informed at the CCS media briefing, KZT 686 bln is allocated for implementation of the Nurly Zhol Program in 2015 and 423.5 billion tenge is allocated from the budget and the rest of the sum is allocated from through "Baiterek" Holding. The budget financing has already begun and 23 billing has been disbursed as of now. This money will be used for construction of the roads.

The bonded loan in the amount of 262.5 billion tenge is allocated from the National Fund through "Baiterek" Holding and is distributed for financing of rental housing, small and medium-sized business, big business and for support of exporters and manufacturers. KZT 20.3 bln has already been disbursed in this March for purchasing of rental housing and its future distribution to people. In total, KZT 43 bln has been executed within the program.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Esengazy Imangaliyev informed that 73 schools would be built at the expense of the money allocated from the National Fund on the instructions of the President of Kazakhstan within implementation of "Nurly Zhol" Program. In total, KZT 61.1 billion will be allocated from the National Fund for construction of schools in 2015-2017.

The Government allocates 15 bln tenge for easy-term loans for purchasing of vehicles made in Kazakhstan by the citizens of the country. As Deputy Minsiter Dalenov told at the CCS media briefing, the interest rate for those loans would not be higher than 4 percent, and the loans are expected to be rendered for 3-5 years. In total, this amount of money is supposed to be enough for extending loans for purchasing 4-6 thousand cars.

Thus, the Government supports Kazakhstani car industry and people willing to take a loan at reduced rates.

Besides, the European market for Kazakhstani farmers will open in the nearest future. It is expected that Kazakhstan will have a status of the country free of aphthous fever in this May. As the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan informs, all the necessary documents have already been submitted. The status will allow to export meat to the EU and WTO countries.

It is going to become possible only thanks to a great work carried out in Kazakhstan on improvement of the epizootic situation and development of the veterinary service. In 2013, a long-term strategy of development of veterinary service of Kazakhstan was developed. It was approved by the international institutions.

Presently, according to the International Epizootic Bureau, the epidemic situation in Kazakhstan is stable. In 2014, 11908.33 tons of meat and meat products were exported to Russia.

The committee of internal revenue informed that property and money were legalized totaling 138.6 bln tenge as of March 20. The main part the legalization falls at property located in the territory of Kazakhstan - 109.5 bln tenge. The money is legalized for 29 billion tenge. The total income of the budget received as a result of the property legalization made 1.2 billion tenge.

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