Grain crops of Kazakhstan's selection take 40% of volume of planted areas

ASTANA. July 26. KAZINFORM Grain crops of Kazakhstan's selection take 40% of the total volume of planted areas, Chairman of the Board of "KazAgroInnovations" JSC Serik Kenenbayev said in the interview for site.

"Presently, grain crops selected by Kazakhstan's specialists take about 40% of the total volume of planted areas," S. Kenebayev said.

Besides, he noted that 23 research institutes working in different directions of agriculture are part of "KazAgroInnovation" JSC. Thus, dry weather resistant cultivars of grains which are currently taking about 7 mln ha of planted areas of the northern regions of the country and 90% of the sorts of winter wheat in South Kazakhstan have been developed by Kazakh specialists.

"We planted the cultivars of cotton developed by Uzbek specialists in 2000. We have developed 11 our own cultivars since 2003 which take 80% of planted cotton growing areas," the Chairman said.

Besides, research institutes work on development of resources saving technologies. They are applied in the territory of 11 ha or 55% of the total planted acreage. Great attention is paid to zero technologies such as direct planting of grains without soil cultivation where planting remains are still on the surface of the fields and it reduces evaporation and preserves seeds.

"Presently, we jointly with the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics create new cultivars by means of genes rating. For example, genes of grain that have signs of drought resistance are developed for creating another cultivar," S. Kenenbayev said.


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