Grand Mufti of Kazakhstan congratulates Orthodox Christians on Easter

ASTANA. April 14. KAZINFORM On the eve of Easter chairman of Kazakhstan's Spiritual Board of Muslims, the Grand Mufti Sheikh Hajji Absattar Derbisali extended congratulations on the occasion of Easter to the Metropolitan of Astana and Kazakhstan Alexander.

"On behalf of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kazakhstan and myself, I congratulate you and all Orthodox Kazakhstanis on Easter," says Chairman of the Spiritual Board.

The Grand Mufti stressed that "the blessed land of Kazakhstan established the harmony of inter-religious and intercultural relations, warm and cordial relationship between the representatives of all traditional religions that co-exist peacefully in our country." The chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims expressed confidence "that the Orthodox community in Kazakhstan, as well as Muslims in our country, will make all efforts to further develop mutual respect in society.

Sheikh Hajji Absattar Derbisali in his congratulatory message noted the international prestige of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, through which "Kazakhstan is now respected all over the world for its peace policy and the pursuit of a nuclear-free world."

The Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan wished well-being and prosperity to all Orthodox Christians of Kazakhstan.

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