Gubernatorial elections instill culture of election process: E. Aliyarov

SHYMKENT. August 6. KAZINFORM Esenzhol Aliyarov, the member of the Republican Watchdog Committee, has summed up results of the first day of gubernatorial elections that kicked off in southern Kazakhstan.

"We are starting to teach people the culture of election process," Mr. Aliyarov stressed. "The elects are the authorized representatives of the people given the power to express their hopes and protect them."

Esenzhol Aliyarov, President of the Kazakh Center of Humanities and Political Conjuncture, visited Kazygurt district of South Kazakhstan region where he observed the gubernatorial elections the other day.

"It is important; we've made the first step towards transformation of the local government system. Election is the process in which hasting is the worst thing to do. We believe that, first of all, it is necessary to form the culture of state administration," the member of the Republican Public Watchdog Committee told journalists.

Gubernatorial elections were held in 14 districts of southern Kazakhstan. Total number of selectable governors was 421 persons, including 26 women, 8 of which were eventually elected.

The akim elections are set to be held from August 5-9, 2013.

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