Gulmira Satybaldy to go on trial May 30 for unlawful imprisonment, extortion

Gulmira Satybaldy
Photo credit: Screenshot / Khabar

Former wife of Kazakhstani businessman Kairat Satybaldy Gulmira Satybaldy, accused of unlawful imprisonment and extortion under threat of violence on an especially large scale, refused a jury trial during the preliminary hearing, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports citing the press service of Almaty City Court.

The prosecutor read the accusation against Satybaldy and Batyrshayev, which goes: in May 2011, another Kazakhstani businessman Zhunussov registered a joint-stock company, where Gulmira Satybaldy received a 34% share through proxies, Zhunussov - 33%, and his friend - 33%. In January 2019, while Zhunussov was in the United States, Satybaldy learned about his possible withdrawal of 5 billion tenge from the companies’ turnover.

In February, she accused him, and Zhunussov returned to Almaty. At the meeting, which was accompanied by threats of physical violence, Satybaldy demanded to go to the office, where she continued her accusations and demanded the money back.

According to the prosecution, Zhunussov was kept in isolation for 165 days from February 14 to June 28, 2019, subjected to psychological pressure. Gulmira Satybaldy, threatening violence, demanded that Zhunussov and his relatives sign contracts for the sale of cars without paying money.

Zhunussov’s brother took out a loan secured by a house for $180 thousand and transferred the money to the director of Satybaldy’s company. Then he took another 50 million tenge ($112,486) as security for another house and also deposited it into the company’s cash desk. The total material damage amounted to 217 million tenge ($488, 189).

Satybaldy also demanded that Zhunussov’s shares be transferred to her proxies. As a result of Satybaldy’s illegal actions, the victims suffered total damage in the amount of 1 billion 440 million tenge ($3,239,596,8). Gulmira’s personal driver, Madi Batyrshayev, is also one of the defendants.

In May last year, Gulmira Satybaldy was found guilty on three counts: ‘organizing a criminal offense’, ‘arbitrariness that caused significant harm to the rights or legitimate interests of citizens or organizations, committed with the use of violence or with the threat of its use or by a group of persons by prior conspiracy’, and ‘arbitrariness that caused significant harm to the rights or legitimate interests of citizens or organizations, committed with the use of violence or with the threat of its use, or by a group of persons by prior conspiracy’. The court imposed a sentence of 7 years in prison.

In March 2022, Gulmira Satybaldy, the ex-wife of businessman Kairat Satybaldy, was detained on suspicion of embezzlement of budget funds on an especially large scale (747 million tenge or $1,685,000). Kairat Satybaldy was also detained before this. In addition, the Anti-Corruption Service began a pre-trial investigation against Kairat Satybaldyuly, his ex-wife Gulmira Satybaldy and other persons in connection with accusations of raider takeover of a business. In September 2022, Kairat Satybaldyuly was sentenced to six years in prison.

The main trial will begin on May 30 at 10:00 in Almaty specialized district criminal court in open mode.

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