Hair growing in a girl’s throat shocks Astana doctors

Hair growing in a girl’s throat shocks Astana doctors
Photo credit: Akmaral Shalabayeva

Black and wiry hair growing in a mouth of her 11-year-old daughter left Akmaral Shalabayeva, resident of Astana, shocked. The woman immediately called doctors who were also astonished at the unusual disease, Kazinform News Agency reports.

According to the woman, the girl had no health problems until March 2024. No anomaly was detected even when they visited a dentist at the start of the month.

“On March 15, my daughter said she had a sore throat. I thought she had tonsillitis and ARVI. When I was checking her throat, I found hair growing in the tonsils on both sides and between the teeth,” Akmaral Shalabayeva said to Kazinform correspondent.

She immediately called an ambulance brigade, who brought them to a hospital.

“The doctors were also shocked over this anomaly and decided to remove it. Of course, my daughter felt some discomfort, but the doctors easily removed the hair with tweezers. After then we visited numerous doctors both in state-run and private clinics, where we were issued referrals for medical tests,” the woman said.

Doctors of Astana cannot still explain the cause of the phenomenon.

However, the girl’s mother links it to the child’s individual peculiarities.

“Now there is no clear treatment strategy yet, since there is no specific diagnosis. After it is identified, we will make a decision with the help of doctors and qualified specialists. We are open for any assistance or advice from professionals,” the mother adds.

As for the girl, she is waiting for a CT scan and magnetic-resonance tomography of throat and pelvic area, after which the doctors will define further treatment.

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