Halyk Kaharmany Mukhtar Aliyev – skilled professional

ANA. October 22. KAZINFORM /Serik Sabekov/ Mukhtar Aliyev enters the elite of the Kazakh surgery. In medical world he is recognized as respected, large specialist and organizer. Being a good doctor, professional during several years he has lived as scientist, reformer and one of theorists and practitioner of the national medicine.

The profession of doctor is very difficult one and someone who chooses this path must always remember that fates of people will depend on his skills and knowledge. The hero of our publication is one of the bright representatives of this profession.

Modern success of the Kazakh surgery in thoracic, abdominal, vascular surgery and microsurgery is connected with the name of this talented scientist and surgeon.

Since 1980 M. Aliyev is a director of Syzganov A.N. Kazakh Research Institute of Clinic and Experimental Surgery. Aliyev organized liver surgery department, different variants of reconstructive operations on bile-excreting system were developed by him.

M. Aliyev paid a peculiar attention to the issues of cardio-vascular pathology. He was the first in Kazakhstan to make over 50 aorto-coronary bypasses at ischemic heart disease. He widely used techniques of microsurgery which let return patients to normal labor activity which doomed for lifelong disability caused by traumatic amputation and injures.

The National Organ Transplantation Center was established according to his initiative. The first results on use of hepatic cells for treatment of hepatic cirrhosis showed their high effectiveness and perspective. Interest results were received at the experiments on use of splenocytes - for treatment of sordid-septic diseases and cardiomiocytes and heart disease.

M. Aliyev is a founder of the large scientific surgery school of Kazakhstan: under his headship 84 doctoral and 92 master thesis works were defended. During his surgical activity he made ove 13 000 operations of almost all organs. He is the author of 832 research works from which 63 are monographs, scientific brochures, 173 inventor's certificates, patents of the USSR and Kazakhstan; he is an editor-in-chief of 28 collections of scientific works.

It is impossible to count all his achievements and regalia. Along with the gratitude of people, their respect his faith and love to his profession including his honest serving the profession were marked with 'Halyk Kaharmany' title.



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