Harvest at risk with wage subsidies for heat says Coldiretti

Photo: ansa.it
ROME. KAZINFORM - The harvest is at risk if workers are put on temporary redundancy pay in response to the extreme heat Italy is enduring, farmers' association Coldiretti said on Friday, ANSA reports.

«Right now we need to have workers at full capacity because this is the moment of greatest production and harvest,» Coldiretti labour manager Romano Magrini told Menabò on Radio 1.
«Using wage subsidies means stopping the machinery, stopping activities, stopping the harvest,» he added.
Coldiretti instead proposed rescheduling working hours in such a way that farm workers start earlier. at 5 am, stop during the hottest hours of the day and resume work at 6 pm.
«It is something that almost all employers are now doing,» said Magrini.
The government, unions and employers' associations are in discussions about how best to protect workers from the heath and safety risks involved in working during heatwaves.
Italy is just emerging from its third extreme heatwave this summer, with another one forecast next week.

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