Hats off to Nelson for Festival

LONDON. July 31. KAZINFORM If you head down to Trafalgar Square, you will see something of a surprise, as Lord Nelson's statue has been given a makeover, BBC informed.

London's iconic statues, including Sir Winston Churchill's, have been adorned with hats created by top designers.

Hatwalk was commissioned as part of the London 2012 Festival  by the Mayor of London and features a design by celebrity milliner Philip Treacy OBE.

Lord Nelson's hat was winched 169ft in the air and put on his head by a crane.

The new hat, complete with Olympic torch, was designed by the oldest hatters in London, Lock & Co.

They were established in 1676 and are famous for making Nelson's original bicorn hat.

Philip Treacy, best known for his catwalk collaborations with Alexander McQueen, has crowned the British General Sir Henry Havelock.

Princess Beatrice wore one of his hats to the Royal Wedding last year and later it was sold for £81,000 at a charity auction .

His creations have been used in all of the Harry Potter films and other fans of his work include singer Lady Gaga and Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker.

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