Head of State chairs extended meeting of Internal Affairs Ministry board

Head of State
Photo credit: Akorda

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev chaired an extended session of the board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazinform News Agency cites the Akorda press service.

Attending the extended session were the leadership of the Presidential Administration and government agencies, akims (governors) of regions, members of the ministry’s board and others.

At the session the Head of State highlighted the important role the police are playing in rooting of the principle ‘law and order’ in Kazakhstan.

He stressed that the police shoulder huge responsibility by playing a pivotal role in fighting crime and protecting public order to ensure each citizen feels safe. For this to happen the law-enforcement system should work smoothly and effectively. He or she who breaks the law should be held accountable.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev went on to underlined that legal ignorance may lead to serious consequences, hinder the country’s development and affect its image negatively. Destructive ideology poses a huge risk, especially for the young generation. That is why, according to the President, we need strong immunity to any kind of violations.

The Head of State believes that respect for law should be one of the key values of a responsible citizen. In his words, the rule of law and order should be instrumental in building a Just Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh leader called on law-enforcement agencies to pay utmost attention to law violation prevention, especially in terms of domestic violence, and vowed corresponding amendments for that type of crimes will be added to the Criminal Code in the nearest future.

President Tokayev also urged the police to switch to ‘a hearing mode’ of work to hear the public and respond promptly to their problems.

He continued by highlighting the need to ensure children’s safety, fight distribution of drugs, cyber crimes and internet scams.

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