Head of State set tasks before youth of Kazakhstan

ASTANA. October 13. KAZINFORM /Yevgeny Novikov/ As is known President Nursultan Nazarbayev has given a lecture on Tuesday in Almaty on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

Students and teachers of the Kazakh National Academy of Music were among those who attended the lecture. The words of the President concerning national project "Intellectual Nation - 2020" which provides the implementation of three principal directions aroused much interest of the attendees. They are: the innovative development of the education system, information revolution and intellectual education of youth.

"I liked the lecture by this moment that the Head of the State entrusted the youth with large-scale tasks. From our part we promise to do our best for prosperity of our state", - Saule Ospan, the fourth year student of the Academy said.

The second year student, Azamat Aktassov believes that the youth will draw corresponding conclusions and set certain targets to reach to.

Rector of the Academy Aiman Musakhodzhayeva emphasizing necessity in the national educational program noted that "they are firstly the innovative methods of teaching. At present the Academy has an e-library of creations of the world music literature. In addition, there is a sound-recording studio equipped with up-to-date equipment aimed at creation of special fund".

According to her due to support of the President in honor of celebration of the Independence Day the Academy will move to a new building and will be reorganized into Kazakh National University of Arts.

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