Head of State signs law banning e-cigarettes

Photo: pixabay.com

The Head of State signed the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on changes and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding healthcare issues, Kazinform News Agency cites Akorda.

The Law aims at implementing the tasks of the Head of State of Kazakhstan on the introduction of a legal and financial protection system and increasing the responsibility of health workers as well as adopting systemic measures for prevention and combat against the spread of nicotine-containing substances among the youth.

The Law provides for insurance of professional liability of health workers (takes effect in six months after the official publication of the Law).

Also, the amendments were made aimed at supporting health workers.

The law also provides for a ban on sale and distribution of non-tobacco cigarettes, vapes, fluids and flavorings for them as well as their advertisement (takes effect in 60 days after the official publication).

The text of the Law is to be published in the press.

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