Heads of CIS and Baltic States railroads signed protocol in Tashkent

TASHKENT.  October 27. KAZINFORM /Kurmat Samarkhan/ The 51st sitting of the chiefs of the CIS and Baltic States railroads in Tashkent ended with signing its final protocol.

As Vice President of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC Yermek Kizatov informed, the parties focused on activity of all railroad administrations of the CIS and Baltic states. "Kazakhstan railroad transport was  and our work on improvement of its exploitation highly appraised by our colleagues in the course of the sitting", he noted.

The sitting participants also discussed 16 issues relating to the Kazakhstan railroad sphere, primarily improvement of exploitation activity and different kinds of transportation through the Kazakh territory, Kizatov said.

Besides, issues regarding establishment of tariffs including improvement of the tariff terms for transportation of goods between Russia and Kazakhstan were considered.

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