Heat supply restored in basements of 71 multi-storey apartment blocks in Ekibastuz

EKIBASTUZ. KAZINFORM According to the operational headquarters, heat supply has been restored in the basements of 71 multi-storey apartment blocks in Ekibastuz, the press service of the Prime Minister informed.

As First Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar said, repair works at all heating substations located in the basements of these apartment blocks were completed. The work is ongoing in flats, where the brigades are replacing burst radiators and are repairing the pipes.

The operational headquarters has published a list of all residential buildings and private houses needing repair.

851 workers are involved in repair operation so far.

11 apartment blocks still remain unheated in Ekibastuz. Local authorities promise to restore heat supply in them till the end of the day.

Photo: t.me/KZgovernment

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