Hero of Nation Azamat Dzhumadilov going to study in Moscow

DYKORGAN. November 2. KAZINFORM /Sandugash Duisenova/ Hero of people Senior Lieutenant of the Air Forces Azamat Dzhumadilov who delivered a mother with three kids from fire is going to study in Moscow.

Senior Lieutenant of the Kazakh Air Forces Azamat Dzhumadilov was awarded the title of the Hero of Nation for bravery and dedication that he demonstrated in an extreme situation.

"That night my parents arrived home very late, and my mother asked to take her to her sister. When we were passing by an old building I saw clouds of black smoke. I stopped and remembered that children were playing in the house in the afternoon. Getting out of the car I heard someone calling for help. I ran to help, broke the door. First I saw a child crying on the floor and his mother. I took the child in one hand and gas-bag that could explode any minute in the other and ran out of the house. After that I started to rescue others - fourteen years old boy and first grade student-girl stifled by smoke. Their mother was in panic trying to gather children's things; I had to take her out by force", A.Dzhumadilov told.

Having rescued the woman and children the Lieutenant called the fire-department and ambulance. Commander of the military unit Serik Yeskaliyev decided to remark the actions of his subordinate and on behalf of the unit made request to the command of the Air Forces of the Kazakh Armed Forces on award Azamat Dzhumadilov. Today Azamat prudly bears the title of Hero of People and is deputy commander of the battalion on educational-legal work of one of the military unit of Kapshagai city.

Almaty region's Governor Serik Umbetov on the eve of New Year handed over the keys of new car to the Hero and awarded the title of the honorary citizen of Almaty region.

Mother of Hero Gulnara Kasenova lives in Almaty region now. She was always dreaming about moving somewhere far away. Gulnara was with her son that night. She remembers that night with horror.

Azamat Dzhumadilov is gong to study at the Moscow military university next year. The dream of his mother will certainly come true now.   

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