Home Office website disrupted; 'Anonymous' group blamed

LONDON. April 9. KAZINFORM The hacking group Anonymous is alleged to have disrupted access to the Home Office website, apparently in protest at government policies.

According to BBC, the website became inaccessible at about 21:00 BST on Saturday.

The website was accessible again by 02:00 on Sunday but by 05:00 access had become difficult once more.

One message on Twitter said it was a protest against "draconian surveillance proposals" but another claimed it was over extradition from the UK to the US.

There were also claims on Twitter that the 10 Downing Street website had been targeted as part of the same protest.

This was dismissed by a Downing Street spokesman - but access to Number 10's site was slow and intermittent for a time.

It is not clear whether the protest was against email surveillance or extradition, but it could be both.





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