Hong Kong restaurants blur the boundary between dining and art

HONG KONG. KAZINFORM - If you want to find out what art tastes like, there's no shortage of masterpieces being served up in Hong Kong, CNN reports.

The latest trend to hit the city's booming restaurant and art scene has gallerists and restaurateurs teaming up to combine elements of gastronomy with visual arts.

The result? Diners gain a stronger connection to both the food and the art, say fans.

Here are some of the leading Hong Kong restaurants blurring the boundary between dining and art.

Eating at Duddell's is like attending a dinner party at the home of a renowned art curator who also happens to be a two-star Michelin chef.

"Our diners appreciate the arts -- not only the artworks exhibited at the restaurant, but also the art of dining," says Duddell's executive chef, Siu Hin Chi.

Ai Weiwei and London Institute of Contemporary Art executive director Gregor Muir are among guest curators who have put together exhibitions for the restaurant.

Duddell's also works with the Hong Kong Art Committee to bring lectures, talks and screenings to the gallery-like dining venue.

The events, together with special access to Hong Kong art fairs and invitations to boozy parties, are available for those in Duddell's members club.

Siu says his cooking takes inspiration from the color and composition of artworks.

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