How many dollar millionaires will there be in Kazakhstan in 2028

Dollar millionaires
Collage credit: Kazinform/ DALL-E/ Pixabay

According to the Global Wealth 2024 report, the number of millionaires worldwide will continue to grow over the next five years. Analysts forecast that the number of dollar millionaires in Kazakhstan will reach 60,874 by 2028, reports a Kazinform News Agency correspondent. In 2023, there were 44,307 dollar millionaires in Kazakhstan.

According to the Global Wealth Report 2024, published by the Swiss financial holding UBS, global wealth rebounded last year after a decline in 2022.

Wealth is steadily growing worldwide, though at different rates and with very few exceptions, the report says.

Dollar millionaires
Photo credit: Kazinform

“In 2023, millionaires already made up 1.5% of the adult population we analyzed. The United States had the largest number of millionaires - almost 22 million people (or 38% of the total). China ranked second with just over six million - roughly twice as many as in the United Kingdom, which ranked third.”

According to UBS estimates, by 2028, the number of adults with a net worth of more than one million US dollars will increase in 52 out of the 56 markets selected for analysis.

“In Taiwan, this increase could reach 50%. Two notable exceptions (i.e., a decrease in the number of millionaires) are expected in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.”

Next is Türkiye with a 43% increase and Kazakhstan, where the number of millionaires could increase by 37%.

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