How many people vaccinated against COVID-19 in Almaty region

ALMATY REGION. KAZINFORM – Almaty region has so far registered 27,963 cases of the coronavirus infection. Of the total number of the confirmed COVID-19 cases, 17,630 had symptoms, Kazinform correspondent reports.

In the past day, the region added 86 fresh daily infections, including 24 symptomless cases. Of 86, 12 COVID-19 cases have been recorded among children and minors.

26,665 people have been released from quarantine after making full recoveries in the region.

Since the beginning of the year Almaty region has received 498,170 doses of the first component of anti-COVID vaccine, including 422,670 doses of Sputnik V, 39,500 doses of HayatVax, 28,000 CoronaVac, and 8,000 of QazVac vaccines) and 292,030 doses of the second component (216,530 doses of Sputnik V, 39,500 of HayatVax vaccine, 28,000 of CoronaVac and 8,000 of QazVac vaccines).

To date, 408,337 people have been vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine. The second component of the vaccine has been administered to 231,296 people.

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