How to complain in a restaurant

LONDON. July 21. KAZINFORM A survey showed that 38% of British people would never complain in a restaurant - however bad the food or service. Who can blame us for our reticence? Chefs are sometimes unhinged. Marco Pierre White ejected diners who asked for salt and pepper. His protege Gordon Ramsay created equally priceless PR for dispatching an American customer who had, he said, the temerity to ask for tomato ketchup with a dish of red mullet and summer minestrone.

Waiters seem less threatening, but can be sneaky. In Waiter Rant: Thanks For the Tip - billed as a front-of-house Kitchen Confidential - Steve Dublanica tells of restaurant staff putting laxatives in soup or using a returned burger as an ice-hockey puck before taking it back out and serving it again to the customer.

These are, we hope, extreme and rare reactions, but to guide a path through the minefield, we enlisted the help of thelegendary Fred Sirieix , unflappable general manager of London's Galvin at Windows.

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