Huawei Vice President on unique value of Huawei Cloud for Central Asian market

ALMATY. KAZINFORM – Huawei chose Almaty as the host city of the first-ever Huawei ME & CA Tech Carnival 2023 bringing together over 480 clients and partners from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and other countries. The first-ever Tech Carnival became a venue to showcase the company’s latest innovative products, including new Huawei Cloud solutions and cloud services.

Huawei Cloud platform has been gaining momentum in digitalization of Internet companies and organizations. These days an increasing number of companies choose Huawei Cloud to speed up and simplify the introduction of digital technologies. Roy Luo, Vice President of Solution Consulting Sales & Marketing of Huawei Cloud ME&CA sat down with Kazinform correspondent to talk about the unique value the company can bring to the markets of Middle East and Central Asia, ‘Everything as a Service’ concept, cloud platforms and solutions Huawei offers not only for the companies, but also for the governments of the region.

Huawei Vice President Roy Luo stressed that China and Central Asian countries pursue many avenues for cooperation and it will continue in the future. In his words, nowadays Huawei can offer a host of advanced information and communication technologies as well as ample opportunities in that respect.

Unique value Huawei Cloud has when it comes to markets in the Middle East and Central Asia

According to Roy Luo, Middle East and Central Asian markets are a fast developing market area.

«What way Huawei can bring to these markets is defined by our rich experience in the Cloud technology, in telecom technology. So, we have more than 10 years of experience in the cloud technology and rich experience in artificial intelligence. These two technologies allow our companies to transform and adopt to the environment change in the market challenge and to make their business more efficient and more profitable.

It doesn’t matter how developed you are, this technology can make a lot of sense for you, because if you are already an advanced company on a very high income, then achieve more income. It means that you have scale and scale gradually if you are already big is not an easy task. It’s more about improving efficiency of your business. That’s why for a highly developed company our technologies are helping to transform and to make more efficiency,» Roy Luo said.

He noted that when it comes to the developing markets of, for example Central Asia, Huawei allows companies to grow quickly and achieve more market share, achieve more customers and increase the revenue. In his words, it’s not only about companies, like enterprise, it’s also about governments.

«Because to be more useful, more valuable for the citizens, to make our life safer, give more quality to the citizens, governments also need to evolve, introduce some digital services, like electronic government and so on. You can’t build this without modern technologies such as cloud and a little bit later AI,» he added.

Huawei Cloud: Everything as a Service

«If you want to know how we can contribute to the knowledge development – well, you know that Huawei is promoting a concept of ‘Everything as a Service’. It basically consists of three parts – ‘Infrastructure as a Service’, ‘Technology as a Service’ and ‘Expertise as a Service’. Knowledge transfer is a part of the ‘Expertise as a Service’, but not only. For example, you need to quickly deploy some system and you have two approaches. One, you have to find experienced people who will do it for you. Another one, you can rely on advanced cloud platform, for example, where these services can be deployed in a couple of clicks. For the complex things, like complex application migration, digital transformation and so on we provide ‘Technology as a Service’ and ‘Expertise as a Service’ where we can share some already prepared technologies ready-to-use. You don’t need to deep dive into this technology, you can just take it and use it and we will teach you how. ‘Expertise as a Service’ is like end-to-end consulting, all the steps of your digital transformation from the very basic idea and till the end, from the system construction to the system operation and support. Everything we can provide as a service,» Roy Luo said.