‘I demand that I be freed,’ Breivik tells court

OSLO. April 17. KAZINFORM Anders Behring Breivik asked an Oslo court to acquit him of terror and murder charges on Tuesday, justifying his massacre of 77 people because Norway had become "a multi-cultural hell".

The 33-year-old denies any criminal responsibility, arguing that he acted in "self-defence".

Reading from a 13-page statement, Breivik boasted that he had carried out "the most spectacular and sophisticated attack in Europe since World War Two."

The trial is expected to focus on whether Breivik is insane and there are two conflicting assessments of his mental health.

But the self-confessed killer insists that it is not he who should undergo a psychiatric evaluation, but Norway's Labour Party of which a large of number of his victims were members.

"It is not rational to overflow your own country with Muslims", he said. "Multiculturalism is an anti-Norwegian and anti-European hate ideology...It is an evil ideology".

Breivik's trial was suspended briefly earlier on Tuesday amid doubts about a lay judge's impartiality.

It emerged on Monday night that Thomas Indreboe had posted on Facebook shortly after the Oslo and Utoeya slayings that the 33-year-old deserved the death penalty.

Capital punishment is illegal in Norway but both prosecution and defence lawyers called for him to be replaced on the grounds that the online statements could undermine the court's ruling.

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