In current geopolitical conditions, SCO summit attracts attention in EU communities – Marat Terterov

Marat Terterov
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In the current geopolitical conditions, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s summit attracts the attention in the European Union communities, Marat Terterov from the European Geopolitical Forum told Kazinform News Agency correspondent in the EU how Brussels assesses the ongoing processes at the Astana summit.

“I think that the Summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization or SCO as it is already known is a significant development in Central Asia and Eurasian geopolitics.

But it's not something that we here in Europe should be I think too concerned about. There are many international platforms, intergovernmental platforms which governments use to promote dialogue on issues of national interest,” Terterov said.

In his words, the SCO has been a platform ongoing for more than two decades in Central Asia. Of course, it is a platform driven by Russia and China, important players here as well as the Central Asian countries.

“But I wouldn't really look at it in let's say hostile terms for adversarial terms. I think now, the SCO is much focused on economic cooperation in the region,” the expert added.

According to Marat Terterov, while it is originally more of a defense club, the actual practical work of the SCO Secretariat is much more focused on an economic agenda.

“It reflects the economic cooperation organization’s agenda which is another intergovernmental platform in the region. So, I personally would not worry too much about the SCO holding another summit,” he emphasized.

“It is not a sign you know that the European Union or the Euro Atlantic community must really worry about. These countries have their rights to be present and exist and promote their own dialogue within the Eurasian region; we should not be too surprised that this is actually happening,” he continued.

“We have EU summits; NATO has a big summit coming up in Washington, so we shouldn't really worry too much about the SCO summit in Astana,” Terterov said in conclusion.

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