In Year of Youth, we need to create youth employment conditions - Zhas Otan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Zhas Otan, the youth wing of the Nur Otan Party, expressed its stance regarding the Year of Youth, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to Daulet Karibek, Acting Secretary of the organization, great attention is presently paid to youth issues. Such an initiative, as the Year of Youth, has given an opportunity to intensify efforts in this regard.

"Up to this day, immense attention has been paid to youth issues. For instance, last year, the Head of State announced Five Social Initiatives. All this was done for the sake of youth. Since every young person aged between 14 and 29 hope to win a scholarship, the number of grants allocated is growing. And many students want to live in hostels. The construction of dormitories is now starting. Then, all university graduates are getting jobs. Since they have little experience, wages will be low. The President assigned to reduce taxes for citizens with low wages 10fold. Funding for small and medium businesses has increased. And there are a lot of young people there. All this is about them," Karibek said in an interview with Kazinform correspondent.

According to him, the Year of Youth gives young people great opportunities. First, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the spiritual enrichment of youth. Secondly, issues of education should be taken into account.

"We should pay great attention to the efficient use of their knowledge. Then, [we should] focus on their self-development. Thirdly, it is necessary to create all conditions for the employment of educated youth. Fourth, to strengthen youth's patriotism, to explain that our main achievement is Independence, as well as to instill respect for nature. In this regard, it will be right to develop the volunteer movement in a new direction, that is, we should use volunteering as a social elevator. In addition, it is necessary to think about how to use young people's free time more effectively. To this end, it would be best to increase the number of libraries, creative skill networks, hobby clubs, instead of shopping and entertainment centers of hookah lounges. The Year of Youth for us should not be a year of various campaigns or flash mobs," said Daulet Karibek.

According to the secretary, it is necessary to give precedence to the activities for building the intolerance to corruption and offenses among youth, strengthening the legal culture and public order. As a result, the effectiveness of government programs will be enhanced.

"Even if we do not do it all within one year, it is necessary to use this historic opportunity - the Year of Youth and to lay the main foundation this year. Since it is youth which will be creating and developing Kazakhstan in 2050," he said.

Kazinform earlier reported that President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev launched the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan.

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